How much does it cost to refinish my hardwood floors?

Professional hardwood floor sanding and refinishing, using our dustless sanding system, along with premium stains and finishes starts around $6.50 a square foot with minimum jobs priced at $1350. For some perspective, a mid-sized dining room and living room will be around $3300. 1st floor of an averaged sized home could be closer to $5800 and an entire home could be closer to $12k, larger homes could be closer to 25k or more. Staircases are usually done at $125/tread, a bit more if there are spindles let into the treads. Risers are about the same price. Carpet removal is separate and is done right around $1.50 square foot, haul away options are also available. We can also do any type of floor repair you need. To cut out any damaged boards, before we sand and finish them, that starts at $60/board. For a pre-finished floor we can remove and replace the damged/scratches boards starting at $150/board (this assumes that you have the extra material, supplying the material will an extra cost. Stair tread replacements are done between $400-$500/tread, assuming there are no spindles let into the treads.

​Professional Maintenance coats/Screen and re-coats, also called buff and coat, starts closer to $2.50 a square foot. This service is used to clean up a wood floor that has had some traffic and life experiences. This is also great for restaurants/bars that see a lot of elements, like snow, salt and dirt. This is a a very useful service to get rid of some surface scratching, add another layer of protection and even out the sheen/gloss level. An average size living room and dining room could be around 1k. 1st floor of an average size home could be around $1900 and an entire home could be closer to $3500.

​Professional wood floor cleaning, usually great after a remodel or large party can be done at .75 a square foot. Our machine adds 3 different cleaners to your floor, scrubs it in with a rotating nylon bristle brush, then vacuums up all the dirt and dirty solution.