Unexpected issues! What could they be and how do we address them?

First, let’s discuss some of these potential, unexpected issues and how they could arise. The most common is what lies under the carpet. Most of the time, everything is fine, it is usually just hiding neglected wood floors, with paint splatter on them but sometimes a wall has been moved and the flooring is missing, or a light fixture is added to the ceiling below and they have cut a hole in the wood floor, plumbing lines have been relocated, wood floorboards are missing or damaged, the list goes on.

Another issue could arise during the demolition of kitchen cabinets, where there was not any flooring under the cabinets/island and/or the layout will change. Sometimes we have to weave in new flooring in these areas.

We have also seen damaged, rotted board, after we remove a radiator covers. Quite often these pipes will leak or the steam emitted over time, can create some punky, discolored boards that need replacing so we can keep the radiator in place and avoid it from sagging, which will in turn, can stop it from working properly.

Sometimes, when we are running our larger sanding machines, they will find any compromised boards on the wood floor. They often flex under the pressure of the machine. This happens more often with older homes that have no subfloor. At this point we can sometimes glue the board or it needs to be replaced.

The most important thing here is, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION, COMMUNICATION! If something comes up that we did not discuss or plan on, we start by letting you know of the issue and then giving you options (sometimes there is more than one solution) along with if there is an added cost or price reduction. We do not want you to have any surprises at the final invoice, we want you to be abreast of the situation as it happens, so we can make a good decision that suits your home and your project the best. We will never add a price to your invoice without addressing it with you first.