our furniture inside a room

What do we do with our furniture when we refinish our hardwood floors?

This can be a bit of an inconvenience, but, unfortunately, ALL the furniture has to be removed from the wood floors, before we start restoring them. We have a couple different moving companies that we have been recommending for over a decade that can help facilitate the furniture removal and replacement. The first is Berman movers, based out of Shaker heights 216.663.8816. The second is 2 Men and a Truck out of Wickliffe 216.245.9398. They can either shuffle it around your house, garage, basement, porch etc., place it in a PODS (877.770.7637) or similar containers, which are those big white boxes that can store the contents of your home, or they can haul it offsite and then return it when the project is completed, the last is the costliest. A common request is to move the furniture around the rooms, as we are sanding. This is not an option, unless you are getting pre-finished wood floors installed, this could be an option. 24 hours after the last coat of finish goes down on your home, you can move the furniture back. 2 days after that, the floors are fully cured, meaning you can also replace your area rugs.