Why are my wood floors changing color and what can I do?

The design pattern of a wooden finish floor

Most wood floors are photosensitive and will change color over time. Being a natural product, they will change with the environment. The most common way they change is their color. Let’s break down each species that are most common in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Red oak- The oak family tends to change color the least,…

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What is our #1 callback with our clients?


Since we started in business, well over 20 years ago, the #1 callback is when clients have furniture delivered/moved or they have an appliance delivered/moved. To this day, we still get about 4-5 calls a month regarding these issues, either from the client, or the vendor. The most important thing is to take control and…

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Common complaints regarding refinishing your wood floors

A person holding a sign with customer complaints

Our goal is to NEVER have any complaints and we try to do this by total transparency of the process through communication. We also know the importance of setting client expectations and discussing any potential issues before they arise. We do that through sending clients to these Blogs, where we try to answer most of…

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What do I do with my carpet?  Can you remove it?

A person rolling out a cream colored carpet

About 35% of our projects have carpeting on top of the client’s existing wood floors or staircase.  Clients often ask, “do you remove the carpeting, or do we have to take care of that”?  The answer is we can absolutely help you remove the carpeting!  Some clients ask if they can do it themselves to…

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What are the most common ways my wood floors can get damaged?

Urine, water damage, and scratches on wood

Scratches/Gouges: Our most common call. About once a week, we get calls from homeowners, appliance stores, plumbing companies, movers and other home service companies explaining how they have damaged the wood floors. Almost every incident involves somebody dragging something across the wood floors like a bed, couch, table, refrigerator, dishwasher etc. Why does this happen?…

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Can I refinish my hardwood floors?

A person wearing a mask and cleaning floor

Anything is possible, right? In our 21 years of experience, we have seen many clients attempt to sand and refinish their hardwood floors. We have also heard many stories of clients that have sanded and refinished their hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the common phrase we hear is “I will NEVER do that again!” Why is this?…

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