How do we get an estimate from Pasquale Floors?

We want to stand apart from other contractors and save YOUR valuable time! How do we do this? First, our website (updated weekly) is LOADED with information for you. Please read through our Blogs, Google Reviews and Gallery so you can get information on our pricing, what our past clients have said about us, as…

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Why do my hardwood floors squeak?

First, don’t worry! It is very common, especially in homes that were built before 1950. Most of the time, the nails are getting loose, and you are hearing them move in between the wood floors and the subfloor, but, there are many reasons your hardwood floors can squeak. Other common reasons your wood floors squeak:…

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Why do I have gaps in my hardwood floors?

Hardwood flooring panels

One of our top 3 questions! You have gaps in your wood floors for a number of reasons, some of which you can control, some of which you can’t. First, wood is hygroscopic meaning that it will absorb and release moisture, given the opportunity. In the summer when it is naturally more humid, the wood…

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What do we do AFTER our hardwood floors are refinished?

living room with a low coffee table

Let’s protect your investment! Your floors look brand new, now what? There are a handful of things you can do to keep your wood floors looking new. ​First, let’s control the temperature and humidity of the home. Doing this will help you avoid excess gaps between the floorboards, along with any type of cupping (where…

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