Is getting your hardwood floors refinished a dusty process?

It should not be! It does depend on who you hire and what type of dust mitigation system that they offer or do not offer. When we started about 21 years ago, not many people used dustless sanding systems or vacuums. Putting a dust bag on the sanders was about it. Now, it is one of our biggest focuses, not only to keep our client’s homes and belongings clean, we also want our team members to be safe.

So how is this done? At Pasquale Floors, each sanding machine we own will be hooked up to a state of the art, 3 motor, dust mitigation vacuum, made specifically for our trade and quite often we parlay this with our air scrubbers (a 360 degree air purification system that pulls in any dust in the air, cleans it via the Hepa filters, then exchanges the clean air back into the room, or out a window/door). The combination of these two systems, along with using our 3M masking system to close off our jobsite areas, results in a VERY clean environment. Now, this is NOT a dust-free process, it is impossible to capture all the dust, but our process, often results in clients saying “I can’t believe how little dust and clean up there was!”

Hiring someone who is not using a vacuum system/air scrubber/masking system will result in LOT of dust flying around your home and a massive clean up effort after your project is completed. Quite often the HVAC system ducts, your rugs/carpet and walls will need to be cleaned after using a company who does not offer a dustless sanding process, we’ve been told that “I’m still finding dust 10 years later!” So, spend the extra money now, to save the headaches and costs of cleaning later.