Should I stain my hardwood floors?

The options are endless and sometimes not staining them at all is a fantastic option.

First, we want to ask you a few questions so we can properly meet your expectations. Are we trying to match up to your kitchen cabinets or favor your stained woodwork? Maybe you love the color of an antique piece of furniture and you want us to match that? Maybe you saw the latest addition of Architectural Digest and you want us to match that color you saw on someone else’s floor? We can do that!

Quite often your kitchen cabinets or woodwork may have many shades/tones to them, in the past we have picked one of those tones, and stained the floors that color. We have found that doing samples on the clients floor, next to these areas, serves the clients best, as far as visualizing how these two areas can work together. The type of lights and the paint color on your wall will affect the stain color we put on your floor. You can always go through our Facebook, Instagram or check on this website to see pictures of other clients homes we have completed, and we can share those formulas.

A decent amount of our clients stop us after we sand the old stain and finish off, because they want to change their mind from staining and go with a more natural or non-stained wood floor. Quite often this look will make the room feel bigger and brighter along with being easier to maintain and hiding scratches much better. Most higher traffic commercial areas choose this option, think about bowling lanes, basketball courts and shopping malls. A scratch on a dark stained floor shows up white as opposed to a natural floor, it usually blends in nicely. Another benefit of a non-stained wood floor, quite often it’s less expensive to achieve because there’s less steps involved.

There are many different color options when it comes to a non-stained wood floor. Some examples are adding white to the sealer and giving it a white-washed, Scandinavian look. Others choose a ambering finish that gives a nice golden tone to the floors (A classic/traditional look) or some prefer to keep the natural raw look of the sanded floor and add no color at all which we can also achieve.

So many options but we would love to help you figure out what’s going to work best for you in your home!