How should we prepare for your arrival, once we hire you?

First thing, we need the furniture removed. We are not equipped to remove the furniture. Now, if you have a few smaller items like a side table, coffee table, small rugs, etc.. no problem, but the bigger items, we would love to refer you to a couple different moving companies that we have used and trusted over the past 15 years. The first is Berman Movers: 216.663.8816, the second is 2 Men and a Truck: 216.245.9398. Sometimes people will rent the PODS (large white storage containers) and load up the furniture in there, or just shuffle it around the home.

After that, if you want to remove any pictures, paintings and/or breakables, we strongly recommend that. Our machines will send slight vibrations across the floor, so secure any items that could move on shelves/walls too.

​We will need access to 1 bathroom of your choice.

​You and your pets are generally fine until the final sanding/staining. At that point, we will need to keep everyone off the floor at 3-4 times throughout the final 2-3 days, generally no longer than 3-4 hours at a time. We can try to work around your schedule, so this is not stressful for you!

​We will need access to at least 2 outlets per room to plug in our vacuum system and our sanding machines, ideally on separate circuits, but we can work with you on that.

​We will need access to a 220 power for our commercial grade equipment. At this point most people ask… “What the heck is that?” It’s that oversized female outlet, attached to the wall, that has larger openings for electrical prongs, supplying commercial grade power. It is ether and electric stove outlet (at the wall), an electric dryer outlet, an electric car outlet, sometimes we can tie into a workshop if you have commercial machines (planers/table saws), or we can safely tie into the main panel (assuming you have breakers and not fuses), by grounding our power cord and supplying and attaching a 40 amp breaker to the panel.

​We need access to the home. Some clients prefer to give us a key to the home, at that point, we can put a lockbox (that box that realtors use) on the backdoor so we can come and go and not have to involve you each time we enter or leave your home. Some clients will give us a temporary code to the garage, and we can come and go that way also.

​We need the best contact information for you during the day and we want to give you our team members contact info as well, in case you have any questions throughout the process.

​Most of the time, this is all we will need to start turning your tired floors, into something you are proud of!!