A washer dryer room and a kitchen with wooden floors

What do we do with our kitchen appliances/washer dryer?

We have 2 options and depending on your expectations, we will do/recommend what serves you and your family best.

What most of our clients do is leave them in place, then we can sand up to them (often getting 5-6” underneath the appliances), so it is not noticeable that they were not removed during the sanding process. Alot of our sanding equipment has low profile sanding options and can often get under the refrigerator, stoves, ice makers, etc. As far as the dishwashers, they almost always remain in place and we can sand right up to the small kickplate (or temporarily remove it), where it meets the wood floors. Some refrigerators are boxed in a cabinet. At times, there are areas to the right and left of the cabinet enclosure (if it is not a tight fit) where the flooring is exposed. Often, the refrigerator will be moved out at this point, especially if we are changing the color. If we are not changing the color, often we can leave it in place, as it will blend in and match nicely. If you have plans in the future, to purchase a new stove or refrigerator, it may make sense to sand under them now, especially if the new footprint of the new appliances is smaller than the current appliances.

Note: We will generally recommend hiring a plumber for the removal of any items that are attached to water or gas line as we are not certified in these areas, and it will be much safer for you and your family. We can help you with a recommendation.

Some clients are getting new appliances and may not be sure of the new footprint. Some clients go from a stove that has no clearance under it, to a newer stove that has feet and the wood is visible at all times. At that point, it makes more sense to sand under the appliances before the new ones are installed.

Regarding the washer/dryers, the answer is similar. It all depends on the footprint and if replacements are happening in the future.

Ultimately, we would love to talk to you about any of your appliance questions and concerns, so you have a better understanding of this entire process! Our goal is to put you at ease, we know it can be dauting taking on home renovation projects!

Cautionary note: Most of our repair calls are from clients/plumbers moving these items and dragging them across their new wood floors. We STRONGLY recommend lifting and placing all these items back in place or using cardboard/Ramboard etc when putting back in place. PROTECT YOUR NEW WOOD FLOORS!