A person rolling out a cream colored carpet

What do I do with my carpet?  Can you remove it?

About 35% of our projects have carpeting on top of the client’s existing wood floors or staircase.  Clients often ask, “do you remove the carpeting, or do we have to take care of that”?  The answer is we can absolutely help you remove the carpeting!  Some clients ask if they can do it themselves to save money, of course you can!  We note that pulling the carpet is the easy part, the removal of the carpet pad (which is stapled to the wood floor) nails, tack strips and staples are the more time-consuming and tedious aspects. If you would like us to remove it, we would be happy to.  We will bundle it up into 4′ rolls, weighing no more than 50 lbs.  Any larger, most cities (if they take it) will not haul it away, they are also harder to move/manage. If you would like us to perform this service, we are charging $1.50-$1.95 sq foot to remove it and around $295 for a staircase.  Depending on who installed the staircase, it is not uncommon to find 50+ staples and nails per tread/riser.  We can also haul if off site for an additional fee, usually anywhere from $100-$450, depending on how much there is.  Some cities offer free haul away and others will charge you, so it is important to have this conversation first, as this could save you some money on the project!