What is our #1 callback with our clients?

Since we started in business, well over 20 years ago, the #1 callback is when clients have furniture delivered/moved or they have an appliance delivered/moved. To this day, we still get about 4-5 calls a month regarding these issues, either from the client, or the vendor. The most important thing is to take control and let your delivery person know how important it is to protect your wood floors, unfortunately, often, this is not their top priority. We recommend using FloorShell or Ramboard, these are impact and chemical-resistant rolled products that will help mitigate damage, and even cardboard will help. For whatever reason, people assume that the wood floors will not scratch or gouge, this is not true, especially when moving/sliding heavier objects. What complicates this is when a client has an open concept floor plan, where the floors flow into other rooms and there is no natural stopping point, quite often if the damage is bad enough, the floors may have to get refinished or re-coated (adding an additional layer of finish). So be vigilant about protecting those beautiful wood floors!