Do I have to replace my hardwood floors?


In the area we serve, which is most of Cleveland Ohio and surrounding areas, the homes are either, new construction, mid-century homes and/or homes that are 125+ years old. How do you know if your floors can be sanded/salvaged or if you need to tear them out and replace with new? Great question, I’m glad…

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Should I stain my hardwood floors?


The options are endless and sometimes not staining them at all is a fantastic option. First, we want to ask you a few questions so we can properly meet your expectations. Are we trying to match up to your kitchen cabinets or favor your stained woodwork? Maybe you love the color of an antique piece…

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What’s wrong with my hardwood floors?

Cupping flooring

Do you have a wood floor issue? Here are the most common ones. ​Water/Moisture issues account for the majority of problems when it comes to wood flooring! Let’s talk about those and some other issues you may have! BUCKLING: The wood floor has separated, lifted or “teepeed” from the subfloor. Causes: Increase in moisture from…

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